At Scout Communications, our biggest point of pride comes from being the marketing agency of choice for brands that value our personalized approach.

We never come to the table with a pre-planned solution in mind. Instead, we blend research and intuition, allowing the mix to guide us to a decisive and worthwhile outcome.

In fact, we have deftly handled the challenges of many clients guided by the understanding that no two, nor their unique objectives, are alike. And that the field of marketing rewards new, inspired ideas over cookie-cut approaches.

We attribute our ongoing success to an unquenchable thirst for understanding.

We read. We listen. We stay connected to champions within their industries as we lead our own industry by example; confident in our research, insight and abilities.

It is only after we gain a comprehensive understanding of the business you are in, the challenges you face and the opportunities you wish to capitalize on, that we are able to recommend appropriate branding, tactics and budgets.

Having said this, there are specific best-practices that guide our efforts.

We adhere to a scientific approach to communication and marketing to ensure no efforts are wasted, allowing the basic rules of human interaction and message dissemination to lead us.


Collaborative Discovery - we work in collaboration with each client to ensure we understand your business and the specific goals you wish to achieve. Only the can we confidently show you the ways we can help you.

Research - we work within the understanding of your goals to determine the real-time challenges and opportunities that will influence the execution of our tactics, and decide together which ones to address first.

Strategic Development - using what we learn about your service offerings, competition, audience, industry, past efforts and current trends, we can develop an insightful strategy of tactics capable of delivering the results we seek

Budget Definition - we are an agency that focuses on ROI for our clients - and to do that successfully, we have become experts in connecting the budget you have to the tactics best positioned to provide the results you seek. We will always paint a clear picture of the results you can expect based on the money you have to spend, and then once decided on a budget, ensure we never go over.

Implementation - we strongly believe in the value of transparent execution of all agreed-upon tactics; on time, in collaboration with the client as needed, and always within the defined budget.

Measurement - ongoing, detailed and up-to-date measurement of the impact each tactic has to ensure our assumptions were on track and that any mid-campaign adjustments are made using concrete data that has been reviewed and understood by the client.

Reporting - ongoing communication with the client to show the real value and ROI earned via our recommended, executed marketing tactics.

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