Marketing without measurement is equivalent to attempting to pour a specific amount of water into a bucket, while blindfolded. Unless you have unlimited time and water, the chances of filling your bucket up to the level you want it, are slim.

At Scout Communications, we are experts at helping our clients remove the blindfold by providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your current opportunities and obstacles in relation to your business goals, as well as educating you on ‘the why’ behind every tactic we propose.

Through careful monitoring, measurement and management, Scout provides real-time analytics for a variety of platforms, mediums and audience metrics that will ensure you remain in constant contact with the progress of our efforts and the reasoning behind our recommendations.

Our tools and expertise provide accurate, real-time analytics reporting on:

  • Website Health and Performance
  • UX Best Practice
  • Audience Behaviour
  • Industry and Medium Trends
  • Campaign Reach and Results
  • Sales Conversions
  • SEO/Keyword Rankings
  • Competitors
  • Brand Reach
  • Social Intelligence

Together, we use the analytical information gathered to metaphorically equip you with the right amount of water and a clear path to your bucket.

Don’t just take our word for it — put us to the test.

Contact us today and we will provide you with free, no-obligation, comprehensive reporting on your existing online brand performance for the following areas.

  1. Organic SEO/Keyword Rankings - how are people finding you and where does your website rank for relevant keywords?
  2. Competitive Analysis - how does your online performance rank against those with similar product and service offerings
  3. Website Health - what’s keeping you from faster load times, higher search engine rankings and a smooth user experience?
  4. Existing Adwords Campaigns  - how can you optimize current campaigns to attract a more relevant audience, increase conversions and spend less?